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The 5 Best Free Typing Tests!

These are the top 5 best typing test sites than can help you with your typing skills:


This is a more formal but enjoyable way to test your typing skills. It allows you to choose how long are you gonna take the test, you have a choice of 1-3 minutes duration. This site also has simple games that let you enter single letter at a time in s speedy fashion. What’s great about this sited is it also offers a typing lesson that will really help you improve your typing skills.Site: http://www.typingtest.com


They offer a variety of flash games to test your typing skills. I found myself having fun while testing and improving my typing skill. This is recommended for kids learning how to type. Anybody can enjoy their fun way of training.
site: http://www.freetypinggame.net


A minute to register to this site is worth it for their FULL typing lessons, they offer a systematize and formal way to train. You can start the training at the very basic keys to the most complicated phrases. They also have cool typing games.

site: http://www.typingweb.com



This is recommended for beginners taking typing speed test. I like this for its simplicity that causes the site to load fast. It also use random passages which mean no one could cheat the system by just memorizing the passage before taking the test. Coolest feature of the site is it can tell you your ranking of ALL the clients who took the test.
Site: http://10-fast-fingers.com

How to compute your Words per Minute (WPM)

Words per Minute or abbreviated as WPM is basically the measurement of your typing skills. There are two ways to measure your words per minute. It’s either by manually counting the words you can type in span of time or by using a typing test software. Manual measurement of your WPM doesn’t require you any … Continue reading

Typing Speed vs Accuracy

If you are stuck under the deepest water and piranhas are coming to eat your fingers , and the only way to save yourself is to pick one typing weapon and shoot them, what would you pick? the ‘Speed pistol’ or the ‘Accuracy shotgun’? This is one of the common settings in a typing game … Continue reading

Best ways to increase your typing speed

Familiarizing the keyboard is not as hard as other people think. As a self thought typist, I found out ways to teach yourself how to type in a fun and easy way. These method could be in form of a formal tutorial or a game, whichever method you choose make sure that you are having … Continue reading

Improving your Typing skills

As a typical person who lives in an urbanized place where computer is a part of daily life, typing skill matters a lot. If you are into a work that involves computer, a good typing skill will save you time and increase your productivity. Everyone who uses computer actually needs a good typing skill, I … Continue reading

Importance of Typing Skills

Gone are the days in which typing skills are only for data entry clerks. Everybody finds themselves in front of a keyboard for many purposes – chatting, typing a report, internet surfing and others. Last time I checked the classified ads on our daily papers, I noticed that most if not all of the computer … Continue reading