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Typing Speed vs Accuracy

TypersharkIf you are stuck under the deepest water and piranhas are coming to eat your fingers , and the only way to save yourself is to pick one typing weapon and shoot them, what would you pick? the ‘Speed pistol’ or the ‘Accuracy shotgun’? This is one of the common settings in a typing game that really challenge us. When I first play such typing games, I wondered which is more important, the accuracy of hitting the keys or the speed in typing. They are indeed both important and should come together but when you are still beginning to familiarize the keyboard, which is the first thing to prioritize?

Speed is the amount of bullets you are firing to the lettered piranhas in a span of time; while the accuracy is the number of bullets that actually hit the letters in them. It takes a little bit to aim on the letters but it’s worth it rather than open firing miss a lot of letters. Base on my experience, it is better to give priority to the accuracy first (anyways the piranhas isn’t real). Soon you when get used to the keyboard, you will notice that you are typing faster than before without missing a lot of letters.

Often time, when we rush things over we ended up stepping on the wrong stone, yet when we are slow we are will be left behind. That is the same thing with the typing, speed should come naturally within you. While prioritizing the accuracy, try to type in a speedy fashion without looking at the keyboard. Do not be upset when you lose the game at first, just try and try until you get used of the PROPER way to type. In this approach, slowly but surely you will speed up your typing skills without compromising the quality of your work.